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Uncontested Divorces

$595 Complete Divorce

Every Divorce requires the parties to sign legal documents on TWO separate occasions. Divorces take 45-100 BUSINESS DAYS to complete. Add-on’s are by customer request. There is NO Doubt that divorce is a stressful and uncertain time for individuals. For some, it can be made even more stressful by dealing with the administrative burdens that accompany Divorce papers.

If you are overwhelmed contemplating the complexities involved with Divorce
Papers, contact us for help.

Signing Out of Office
  • An additional fee of $125 will apply for documents signed out of office (additional fees may apply if sending mail international/overseas)

  • Certain documents require a Notary seal.  No spouse may carry out documents to other party.

  • All spouses will receive documents from us via regular first-class mail only.  We will not mail by express or certified mail.

  • No spouses are being ‘served’ documents.

* Please see our terms and conditions for signing requirements and returning documents to us properly. Certain services are not included, such as: Written Settlements Agreements, Deed Transfers, Pension Documents, Parenting Agreements, Resume Former Surname, and other similar services. Third party fees and costs for add-on services are the responsibility of the Customer apart from our “complete Divorce.”